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Why Should a Real Estate Agent use a Professional Photographer?


Excerpt from New York Times Article (link):

“The Realtors’ association survey found that when it comes to Web features that buyers considered “very useful,” 83 percent cited pictures”,

“When you look at the difference between professional photos and ones taken by brokers with digital cameras, it’s not hard to see that you get what you pay for,” said Lauren Cangiano, a senior vice president of Halstead Property in New York.”

Excerpt from LA Times Article (link):

“A picture may be worth a mere 1,000 words in other circles, but in real estate, it enters the realm of deal or no deal.”

With an estimated 80% of home buyers starting their search on the Internet, photos are to home sales today what curb appeal used to be: the place where first impressions are made.


RISMedia (link):

Another study relating to the number of photos a listing posts compares photos to the number of Days on Market (DOM). The findings show that listings with more photos sold faster. This is the shake down on the photos to Days on Market (average) analysis.

1 photo = 70 DOM

6 photos = 40 DOM

16-19 photos = 36 DOM

20 photos max – 32 DOM

And listings with fewer photos sold for less. The Closed NET Price as a percentage of the Original Price also showed a direct correlation. (These findings are based on 2006 numbers and are again estimates.)

1 Photo = 91.2% of Original Price

6 or more = 95% of Original Price


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