HDR and Real Estate

HDR and Real Estate

We at Afulki Photographs recently transitioned from lighting our real estate images with many hidden speed-lights to using High Dynamic Range (HDR) techniques. This has allowed us to cover more of the property in less time and with less disruption to the home owners. Hiding lights used to be the greater part of the time taken during the shoots, now however we can spend time finding better and more interesting shots.

For those who don’t know what HDR is, simply put it’s a way of combining multiple images, taken with different exposures by varying the shutter speed while keeping everything else the same. Then using software to stack or overlay the images allowing for the dark areas and light areas to be exposed correctly.

The before images:



  1. imim

    Very, very nice idea! Any photos are from morocco! I like this country. Time by time i need this beautifull light in morocco for my photographs!

  2. amazing, isnt it? i suppose you are using a nikon, which give 1 stop increments, rather than the 2 stop increments most people recommend.

  3. Hi, I have wanted to write about something like this on my own blog and you gave me an idea. It always stimulates me to search for some new blogs and such valuable content as “HDR and Real Estate | Afulki Photographs”. I am looking forward to your next post. Appreciate your work ­čśë PS. Can you recommend any other blogs or websites with the same topics? Cheers, Bi┼╝uteria

  4. Well I never tried HDR with PhotoshopÔÇŽ I always used Photomatix but uhm never sucecded in getting anything right ­čśÇ I’ll try the links you gave me!btw it was a real pleasure to know you too, guys. I think I’m gonna like all australians :)zage

  5. I like this web blog very much so much great information.

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